East Side Access CM007 (Grand Central Terminal Caverns) - New York, NY - Superior Gunite Contract: $14 Million

Superior Gunite

From a business specializing in swimming pools to the largest Shotcrete company in the world, Superior Gunite has experienced quite a trajectory. Our leaders had a vision for the role Shotcrete could play as a cost-effective alternative to conventional structural methods. We’re proud to see the technique become an indispensable solution, expanding options along the path to success for our clients.

As an industry pioneer, we’ve developed the techniques, applications, equipment and dedicated team to penetrate the market and deliver groundbreaking results. One bridge, tunnel and building at a time, we’re proving the viability of the Shotcrete alternative in vital infrastructure across the nation.  

Our reputation for integrity, innovation and service has opened many doors. We walk through those doors with a commitment to excellence and an innovative can-do spirit. Whether we are completing an emergency tunnel repair or building walls in the heart of Boston's historic Fenway district, we’ve led the way in developing building technologies that save time and money.

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