Third Street Light Rail Program Phase 2 – Central Subway Chinatown Station - San Francisco, CA - Frontier-Kemper Contract: $66 Million

Frontier-Kemper Constructors, Inc.

Frontier-Kemper Constructors, Inc. focuses on what’s beneath the surface — the endless miles of underground shafts and tunnels that are the silent foundation of the nation’s infrastructure.

Widely recognized as a leader in underground and heavy civil construction, we’ve successfully completed more than $3. 1 billion in projects throughout the Americas. We specialize in the engineering and construction of deep shafts and tunnels of all sizes and complexity, a project type that demands meticulous precision, considerable expertise and incredible commitment.

Clients count on us for the construction and rehabilitation of tunnels for highways, railroads, subways and rapid transit systems, as well as shafts and other facilities for water supply, wastewater transport and hydroelectric projects. Through FKC-Lake Shore, we also support projects by developing and equipping mines with innovative hoisting, elevator and vertical conveyance systems.

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