Generator Engine Replacement No. 5 & 6 (Phase III)

Navy Support Facility Diego Garcia

Project Details


Black Construction Company
Prime Contractor
Contract Amount: $10.62 Million

U.S. Department of the Navy

Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory


Project Description

The U.S. Navy Support Facility (NSF) Diego Garcia is located in the Indian Ocean within the British Indian Ocean Territory (B.I.O.T.). The project provided for the complete replacement of NSF Diego Garcia’s Facility 730 NPP Generator Building in order to provide upgraded engines with additional power supply to the island vital in effectively carrying out Diego Garcia’s mission of providing continuous, effective and efficient communication operations on the entire island. The project entailed the selected structural demolition work and existing equipment foundation removal, expansion of the existing engine and exhaust stack foundation, installation of a 4.4-mW capacity generator, exhaust stack diesel tank, and piping system for mechanical and electrical including switch gear modification.