AirTrain Newark Replacement Program – Guideway and Stations

Tutor Perini/O&G, a Joint Venture Team

The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (Port Authority) requires a qualified team of contractors and consultants to deal with the challenges of the AirTrain Replacement Program – Guideway and Stations Project at Newark Liberty International Airport. Tutor Perini/O&G, a Joint Venture (TPOG JV) offers the requisite experience and expertise, combined with a reputation for successful design-build project delivery. The TPOG JV has assembled local and national airport industry leaders in design and construction of APMs and stations. The functional relationship among the members of the team will provide high-quality and efficient operations while keeping the highest quality standards and state-of-the-art design. Our team will achieve the most effective protocols and coordination to achieve Port Authority's project vision.

Business Registration Form

The goal of the Business Registration Form is to:

  • Identify firms that are interested in bidding or receiving information about contract opportunities for this project.
  • Organize Firms by Scope(s) of Work for targeted solicitation efforts.
  • Collect and update information on the preferred method of communication with you during this process.

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Project Description

The new AirTrain will be a 2.5-mile elevated guideway train system and the centerpiece of the modernization of Newark Liberty International Airport. The new AirTrain will replace the Existing AirTrain, which opened in 1996 and is reaching the end of its useful life which makes it susceptible to more frequent breakdowns and delays. The new AirTrain will be designed to maximize customer convenience with seamless connections to other forms of transportation and provide modern wayfinding and amenities in AirTrain Stations and in Vehicles.


The TPOG JV team's relationship has been proven over time and remains one of the strongest in the industry. We share the Port Authority's commitment to using minority- and women-owned business enterprises (MBE/WBEs), service-disabled veteran owned business enterprises (SDVOB), and local workforce and business enterprises (LBE).

We are committed to maximizing participation, promoting equal opportunity and nondiscrimination, and providing significant economic and contracting opportunities.

The AirTrain Newark Replacement Program – Guideway and Stations Project has the following established goals: 20% MBE, 10% WBE, 3% SDVOB, 10% LBE.  It is the commitment of the TPOG JV team to maximize the opportunities for MBE/WBE/SDVOB/LBE Firms and provide fair and representative employment opportunities for all.



  • Architectural – Stations and Guideway Facility
  • Landscape, Interior Design, Signage and Graphics
  • Surveying
  • Geotech Investigations/Borings & Test Pits
  • Civil Site Design Work - Grading, Drainage, Utilities
  • Maintenance and Protection of Traffic
  • Structural Design – Guideway Structures, Stations, Ancillary Facilities
  • Foundations
  • Electrical/Mechanical/Plumbing/HVAC Systems
  • Elevators and Escalators
  • Communications including SCADA, CCTV/Security
  • Systems Engineering and Building Commissioning
  • Fire Life Safety
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Cost Estimating and Scheduling
  • CAD Support
  • Structural Steel
  • Concrete
  • Miscellaneous Metals
  • Masonry
  • Fence and Guide Rail
  • Roofing
  • Interior / Exterior Signage
  • Interior / Exterior Finishes
  • Flooring – carpet, resilient flooring, tile
  • Piles
  • Electrical – communications, safety, security,
  • Mechanical – HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Protection
  • Landscaping
  • Instrumentation & Monitoring
  • Special Inspection
  • QA/QC
  • Site Utilities
  • Reinforcing Steel
  • Demolition
  • Security Bollards
  • Ornamental Metals Fabrication
  • General Conditions / Service Providers

Port Authority's objectives for the AirTrain Newark Replacement Program – Guideway and Stations Project are to:

  • An enduring and contemporary design for all aspects of the Civil Infrastructure that fits the campus of the Airport and leverages the reimagination of the Airport.
  • Well-thought-out design delivery that allows for early actions in appropriate areas and sufficient review times for more complex design elements.
  • Infrastructure and systems that accommodate innovations and the near and long-term planning and reconfiguration of the Airport.
  • Expedited AirTrain Guideway and Stations design, construction, fabrication, installation, and commission scheduling to allow for AirTrain commissioning to be completed in Q1 2030.
  • Efficient construction techniques and logistics that minimize disruption and speed delivery.
  • A focus on quality control and quality assurance throughout the design, construction, testing, and commissioning of the Project.
  • A focus on safety throughout the construction, testing, and commissioning of the Project.
  • Coordination of the Work with the Other Package Work.
  • Ease of customer connections throughout the Civil Infrastructure, including other transit services at the Rail Link Station, by assessing and simplifying physical infrastructure connections, minimizing level changes, incorporating innovative, intuitive wayfinding, ensuring signage clarity, and reducing physical and technological barriers to access.
  • Maximization of investment made in the Civil Infrastructure to provide the best service and experience and asset management over the total life of the Civil Infrastructure.
  • Delivery of all work while embracing community and environmentally responsible behaviors.

MBE/WBE/SDVOB/LBE Certification

Interested in the AirTrain Newark Replacement project and not yet PANYNJ MBE/WBE/SDVOB/LBE certified?  The PANYNJ has a team of experienced individuals eager to assist you.  You can contact them either through their website (link below) or via their Certification Hotline 212/435-7888 or email

Click here for the PANYNJ Supplier Diversity website.

The TPOG JV team shares the Port Authority's commitment to including Minority and Women Owned Business, Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business, and Local Business Enterprises on the AirTrain Newark Replacement Program – Guideway and Stations Project.

Pre-Qualification Process

The TPOG JV team has a NEW Pre-Qualification process in place.  All firms interested in participating need to complete and submit our Business Registration form.  The goal is to streamline our solicitation efforts by maintaining a list of all qualified, certified firms.  We will (1) verify your M/W/SDVOB/LBE status, (2) identify the scope(s) of work you're qualified in performing and (3) distribute your information to the correct team partner for their consideration.  We ask that ALL interested firms, whether you've provided information to us in the past or not, please complete and submit our Business Registration form. 

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For additional information or if you have any questions, please contact us at

The TPOG JV appreciates your interest in our team and the AirTrain Newark Replacement Program – Guideway and Stations Project.  We look forward to meeting and working with you in the future.


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