Overhead Coverage Systems - Multiple Locations, Iraq - $477 Million

Contingency Contracting

Unpredictability is the enemy of efficiency on large construction projects. But sometimes, it’s unavoidable. In those situations, a partner with the experience and acumen to respond to critical situations is vital. Tutor Perini has offered contingency consulting services to governmental agencies for more than 20 years, responding to disasters and supporting military operations around the globe.

We’ve helped Marine Corps and Naval stations in the U.S., Puerto Rico and the Caribbean recover from damages caused by severe hurricanes. We were one of the first construction firms to mobilize to Afghanistan and Iraq in support of reconstruction missions. When the government planned an urgent response to terrorist threats at U.S. embassies, we mobilized quickly to manage technical and physical security upgrades at 26 different posts under strict protocols.

We’ve developed long-term relationships with governmental organizations, completing more than 40 projects with a total value of more than $1.4 billion. In ever-changing political and security environments, when responsiveness and adaptability is needed, we’ll be there.