California High-Speed Rail Construction Package 1 - Fresno, CA - $1.3 Billion


At Tutor Perini, we’re extremely confident in our ability to execute at the highest levels. So, it’s no surprise we tackle every aspect of a project. And, through our family of companies, we have the capability to do so. Self-performing traditional general contractor work, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, telecommunications, audio-visual, security surveillance and more helps us guarantee higher quality, greater schedule control and cost savings.

Self-performing can save time, capitalizing on the capabilities of skilled full-time employees who are incentivized to complete the work quickly and well. Budget savings are another important advantage, generated from a thorough knowledge of task-related labor necessities, material options and availability, and market fluctuations that affect both.

Our self-perform crews include concrete finishers, carpenters and millworkers who have honed their craft over decades. When our own forces are responsible for onsite work, our project managers have a tighter handle on quality and safety standards. We consider it a point of pride when clients opt for our self-perform services — and we deliver.