Union Country Family Courthouse - Elizabeth, NJ - $31 Million

Surety Services

Most federal construction contracts require a surety as part of a bid or contract award. We’ve completed more than 200 such construction contracts for sureties, ranging from specialty trades subcontracts to new buildings for a wide variety of federal, state and local government clients.

We provide loss assessments, completion strategies and claims analysis to sureties as well as completion of bonded projects in default. Sureties typically come to us with their most complex projects that often require correction of latent defaults, demolition and replacement of deficient work-in-place, as well as concurrent completion of multiple projects of a defaulted contractor.

Complicated projects of scale come with a certain amount of risk. Surety services can help mitigate that risk. We’re here to help, offering professionals with the exceptional project management skills and capabilities necessary to overcome the challenges a project may face.